Leovigildo - Multi-Game for ZX Spectrum!

Another day another homebrew release for the ZX Spectrum and today's release is Leovigildo; an action adventure puzzle game developed by Mojon Twins. Unlike most ZX Spectrum games, Leovigildo features 3 chapters separated into different stories by blocks. The game is divided into three different blocks, one per chapter, which load independently and which you can play freely.

Each game also differs slightly in play style in how you play with boxes, in one chapter you can carry boxes in another you can throw them. It sounds weird but it works well, Leovigildo also features just like other games a very colourful backdrop, with plenty of fun to be had. It's also nice to see a developer changing the game play style per story to keep the gamers interest.
Chapter 1 : Four endings in a story of love, hatred, conspiracy and passion. In flip-flops. Control Leovigildo the Butler and help the Duchess to carry out her vicious plan. Or try to kidnap her. Or both. Or none. You decide!
Chapter 2 : The Duchess ended falling in love with Leovigildo, and they have to fly as the Duke is not very fond of their new found romance. Drive Leovigildo accross the forest obliterating every baddie in the screen to progress!
Chapter 3 : Leovigildo follows the Duchess across the forest and learns of her true intentions! Become an evil overlady! And everybody knows the best way to achieve such plans begins taking control of a circus. Everybody knows! This time you take control of the Duchess, who's able to bounce on trampoline-boxes to jump higher.
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