WinUAE 2.9.0 beta 24 - The most recent Amiga emulator

As per usual it's time to mention the latest Toni Wilen beta release of WinUAE 2.9.0; an Amiga emulator which can run an Amiga game or OS on your PC. This is WinUAE 2.9.0 beta 24 and has a good number of fixes such as - CD32 NVRAM file was not automatically created (b14) and - Added some accelerator board A1200 and A4000 configs to Quickstart.  Although we did not mention the previous beta as we felt waiting for the next one was a better option, you can now grab the latest release from either our page or the main EAB forum. Read on for the changelog.

Beta 24:

- Native code Z3 offset was wrong if Z3 mapping was using "real" mode.
- CD32 NVRAM file was not automatically created (b14).
- Added some accelerator board A1200 and A4000 configs to Quickstart.
- Only PCM audio worked (and was always used) when recording audio in non-wave mode.
- Picasso IV in Z3 mode didn't appear in Z3 autoconfig space.
- Initialize VGA chip emulation earlier, fixes emulator crash when Piccolo board is configured. (Also for some reason Piccolo and Piccolo SD boards are not used by OS4)
- Too large Z2 RTG VRAM value in config file was accepted as valid.
- Show user friendly message if PPC CPU is started without PPC plugin.
- Disassembler decoded FMOVE.x FPy,<ea> incorrectly, FPy was wrong.
- "Untrap = middle button" + "Minimize when focus is lost" + full-window mode didn't minimize. Only windowed mode should require real lost focus to become minimized.
- GUI appeared under full-window background window.
- Use secondary fast RAM bank for A2620/A2630 accelerator memory, works better with other Z2 boards (like A2091)
- Allow hardware unsupported (total >8M) Z2 total board size. Can happen in real world so it should be available in emulation too.
- Added Z2 autoconfig address validation, log and ignore any autoconfig attempt outside of valid Z2 regions.
- Added 68030 + more compatible CPU core. Previously this combination was unusable.


Remember to make it a portable edition in another folder by creating a new blank WinUAE.ini file in your unzipped beta folder as not to screw over the previous final install.

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