Fantasy Soundtrack Project - Skyrim gets a much needed musical overhaul

Don't get me wrong I love Skyrim. I love playing it and modding it, and even though it is an AAA title, there are many modders out there working hard pushing the details to new heights. Yes we are Indie/Retro related, but modders are independent and many of them get our respect. But the mod that blew me away out of all of them was "The Fantasy Soundtrack Project". A soundtrack, musical overhaul by aceeqmodding that I'd highly recommend for all of you Skyrim owners. "Fantasy Soundtrack Project" provides 700+ minutes (10+ hours) of new music for TESV: Skyirm. 195+ orchestral and instrumental fantasy/epic music tracks for exploring, towns, taverns and castles.

Imagine standing in the fields, listening to an amazing orchestrated soundtrack and feeling the immersion of actually being in a fantasy world. That's how I feel when I listen to this while I'm playing. It's far beyond anything in the Vanilla game. Furthermore, the developer and team have even done two additions, "Optional Combat Music" and "Unique Towns and Locations".

This is a complete rework of the Fantasy Music Overhaul and only works as full replacer or addition for the original skyrim soundtrack. This music mod is not compatible with other music mods and overhauls. You can choose while installation between replacer and non-replacer version. Combat music is optional and also provides a repalcer and a non-replacer version.
The music was created by many diverse artists and most of this music is from, where you can download non-commercial and free to use music. All music was downloaded from there, since jamendo provides a copy and share, aslong you give credits to the original creators, copyright system this mod is legal.
Download it now from the main website, add it to your Skyrim and be thankful for the many artists listed on the site that can be listened to in Skyrim. ( I use Nexus Mod Manager )

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