Merry Christmas from Indie Retro News!

What a great year it has been, full of cool retro products for us to review such as the SD2IEC, C64SD, Mega Everdrive and the C64p. We've also come across some fantastic Amiga titles, from the hard drive installable Ambermoon and Evil's Doom to the PC playable Amiga titles from The Company.PL and of course not forgetting the Amiga Earok CD32 releases. Also new to us this year was our huge interest in the Homebrew scene, the Amstrad, Amiga,C64 and even the ZX Spectrum. We've even put some free titles on our site for the retro fans like Eye of the Beholder and even Shannara!

Let us also not forget our new affiliates which joined us including, CIA,Dungeon CrawlersGOG.COM to FireFlower Games & Photon Storm. It has also been a year of Kickstarter games and brilliant Indie titles, especially the latest Cinemaware overhauls with Wings and the latest Rocket Ranger Reloaded. I'm also hugely grateful to our staff who write up some lovely articles, from Alistair, David, Dan, Illisia and the rest of our fine team. But to end the article for our Christmas holidays, a huge thanks to every one of our readers that visit us from around the world, especially those of you who follow us on our Facebook pages (Dizzy, Dungeon Crawlers & Indie Retro News) and Twitter.

Above all I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a great New Year! See you after Christmas :)

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