X-bEnCh - One of the best Amiga launchers 0.99 XMAS pre-release!

Yes I know we said we wouldn't be back till after Christmas, but when the announcement of the latest Xmas pre-release of X-bEnCh 0.99 hit our news box we just had to shout it out. For those of you who has an Amiga with an internal CF or can play WHDload games through WinUAE, this a launcher your Amiga will thank you for. Developed by JimNeray, X-bEnCh is one of the best Amiga launchers that has many other cool features as well. It can autoscan your hard drive to find all the whdload games available and organize them in an easily usable list. X-Bench can also manage manual listings, internal script systems and has an integrated CLI. The best thing is though, that this launcher uses very little resources and is compatible with many Amiga set ups. A highly recommended launcher for the Amiga and it's free! See change log for latest details

Older version 

X-bEnCh on my Amiga 1200

I was planning to release a full and massive final 1.0 version of X-bEnCh for Christmas but due to a lack of time i can only release this unfinished 0.99 one.
As you will see there is a lot of new features but i haven't updated the doc so ... Good luck to understand all that ! Please make sure to do a clean new install or this will not work. Merry Christmas to you, your family and your friends. Jim.
Complete release notes:

This release include all features of the internals 0.99r1, r2,r3 and r4.
New icon from Leon.
Now with up to 640 colours on screen with AGA ! (up to 128 with OCS/ECS)
Added an audio playlist of 80's/90's cracktro tunes (21 mods).

-No more interlaced Hires display as asked by users.
-New floppy pix loading screen. (No more loading bar)
-New MicroKnight font check added.
-New two databases checks added.
-New pix unknow and nopict check added.
-Xbench Guru box display fixed (Was ending on a black screen if some
files were missed).
-Now internals releases need a regkey to start.
-New internal sort loop for the database (Top/Flop/Favorites/...)
-Now can use black or white background for loading screen (see setup).
-Added a check for the new Xpl0rEr datas.
-Fixed the "d" Hotkey debug feature. (Only init was logged)
-Database update upgraded.
-Fixed a bug that was crashing your system if you have less than 2Mb
of free Ram (chip or fast).

-Now display up to 352 colours on screen with AGA.
-New logo by Leon.
-Logo position fix.
-Now display a 8bit logo if Aga is detected or 5bit one if no AGA.
-New MicroKnight font used.
-Now blue rotating tube effect behind the menu for AGA setups.
-Fixed a weird bug that was in some case moving the Xbench logo.
-Starfield optimised (250% faster for everybody and with 50% more
stars on screen for 020+ users).
-New rewind reverse effect for the starfield.
-Slow speed with 68020/68030 AGA fixed.
-Rotating tube effect under the menu limited to 040/060 AGA setup.
-Fixed the "d" Hotkey debug feature. (Only init was logged)

-Now display up to 640 colours on screen with AGA.
-New MicroKnight font.
-New logo by Leon.
-Logo position fix.
-Now display a 8bit logo if Aga is detected or 5bit one if no AGA.
-More than 99Mb of fast display bug fixed (Now up to 999Mb).
-New NTSC display (200px) and PAL display (256px) implemented.
-CD32 Fastjump freez (after 15/20 jump) fix (unfinished!)
-Now you can press the "Help" key to randomly start an entry of the
actual listing.
-Now properly rename your games for a clean display.
-Now display in real time the name and some infos about your game in
the bottom of the screen.
-Now display in real time pictures of your game in the bottom of the
-New blue to purple gradient background.
-New floppy pix loading screen.
-New rotating gradient text color for the listings with AGA.
-You can now press "F8" for an access to the "FlopList".
-Now you can start on Top, Flop, Favourite or the first valid listing.
-You can now press "F9" for an access to the "FavList".
-You can now press the "+" key on your keyboard or the "Play/Pause"
button with a CD32 Pad to add an entry to the "FavList".
-You can now press the "-" key on your keyboard or the "Play/Pause"
button with a CD32 Pad to remove an entry from the "FavList".
-Now check the listing rev to be sure that all is up to date.
-Now if a listing rev is not "compatible" Xlaunch exit back to the
main menu.
-Fixed a big fail/bug in the listings reading and dimming.
-Now can use a variable delay to refresh the bottom part. (see setup)
-Fixed a weird bug that was in some case moving the Xbench logo.
-Floplist is now replaced by the Last15 list.
-Now work with up to 25 smaller databases. (List1>6, Top, Last15,
Favs, refs, ...). Faster and less memory needed.
-You can now use the keypad with the searchengine/fastjump feature.
-Crash of the random game selection feature (Help key) fully fixed.
-Now the random game selection jump back to the good position when
leaving the game.
-Checkerboard loader 1.4 now can be disabled with a switch in the
setup to have faster start of your games.
-Now you can switch the color of the background in the setup with
this colors: Blue, Red, Purple or random.
-New gradient background updated to be colors switchable.
-Now can display the listing with a sliding color effect (Aga only)
or with a fader effect with a switch (As before and for every setup).
-If you have selected a playlist in the setup, then one track of your
playlist will be randomly played.
-Start of a random game (Help key) bug fixed.
-Stack overflow fixed if the favs list is bigger than any other
single list.
-F7/F8/F9 shortcuts fixeds.
-Fixed a bug that was not adding the good entry to the Favs list.
-Now you can remove many entry in the Favs list without any bug.
-Now if the Favs list is empty jump back to the first listing
available (an so no more crash if you try to move in or delete an
entry in an empty Favs list).
-Fixed the "d" Hotkey debug feature. (Only init was logged)
-Random background color feature fixed.
-Random background color now set as default if you don't change it
in the setup/launcher (was previously set as Blue)
-Audio Playlist feature fully fixed.
-Unkown refs fixed (was previously seen as a known ref without pict).
-New refs database including 4059 refs based on the eab 2.2 whdlpacks.
-Now set to play as default the cracktro tunes playlist.
-Now can use black or white background for loading screen (see setup).
-Fixed a mistake that can display some bad entrys if you try to go rear
to the end of a list.
-Added somes Whdload games Informations Datasheets

-Rename/Cancel shapes were inverted in the rename box. Fixed.
-More than 99Mb of fast display bug fixed (Now up to 999Mb).
-Fixed an i/o issue that was crashing the system with too fast
or too slow drive.
-Now if Pal display is detected display is switched to 640x256.
-Added 18 user programmable buttons. (Not yet activated)
-Added the Mod player buttons. (Not yet activated)
-Now read the setup.prf when starting.
-Up to 12 users programmables buttons added (PAL, 6 with NTSC).
-Mod player with Playlist feature added (Unfinished but working).
-Fixed the Format button that was not working with the left side.
-Now use the Microknightfont as the other parts of X-bEnCh.
-Fixed a mistake that was switching the display ON before all is ok.
-Now use gfx buttons instead off full txt/code buttons.
-New Top/Up/Down/Bottom gfx buttons instead of txt buttons.
-Top/Up/Down/Bottom buttons are now on the right side of the xplorer
window instead of the bottom.
-Added the Refresh button to force redraw of a dir.
-Central display notifications system added.
-Now use a single Audio Filter buttons (Dolby logo).
-Added an "Eject" button to clear the current playlist.
-Central Display updated to show the name of the curently played mod.
-Playlist manager now display the list of mods in a playlist.
-Added Top/Up/Down/Bottom buttons to the playlist's list manager so
now you can browse trough it.
-Fixed a bug that was forbiding you to go to the bottom of a list with
the down button.
-Bad display color of the files in a list if there is no subdirectory
in the readed dir fixed.
-Added the Clock/Date display feature on the bottom left part.
-Code optimised and lighted.
-Fixed the "d" Hotkey debug feature. (Only init was logged)
-Too long mods name display issue fixed.
-Added the mod volume oscillo feature to the central display.

-Added an option to switch the refresh delay of the bottom part of
the screen. If "oFf" the bottompart will be simply switched off.
If 5ms/10ms/15ms the bottom part will be refreshed 5/10 or 15 vbl
after you stop moving in the listing. Use this option if setup is
a bit slow. ("InfoScr")
-New launching listings format.
-Scanning is more verbose now.
-The "Top" switch in the launcher setup is renamed on "StartOn". So
now you can switch between the init to the Top, the Flop, the Favs
or the 1st valid listing.
-Now when updating a list the database for the Top/Flop/Favorites is
updated too and included all entry (even if started 0 time).
-Now add a rev to a listing when updated.
-Bad displayed names in the launcher lists fixed.
-In some rare cases the number of entrys scanneds were falses. Fixed.
-Database update upgraded.
-Launcher option "Start on Flop15" replaced by "Start on Last 15".
-Added a switch to enable/disable the Checkerboard screen. ("LoAdScr")
-The button to switch the background of the launcher is now activated.
(You can switch between Random, Blue, Red and Purple).
-The button to switch the display mode of the text in the launcher
is now activated. (You can switch between slider and fader effect)
-In the setup/launcher you can now change the name of a listing and
it will be saved even if you don't update this listing.
-The setup/Xplorer panel has been created with on the left the 84
buttons needed for the setup of the 12 users buttons and on the
right the 13 options buttons.
-Now you can use an audio playlist for the Launcher
-Added a button to open an ASL file requester to select your playlist.
Music button must be switched to "PList" instead of "Yes".
-Added a button to switch the arrows positions in the Xpl0rer tab.
-New look and design.
-Now use the Microknight font as like as the other parts of X-bEnCh.
-Fixed a bug that was adding false whdload entrys (as like as Apidya).
-Fixed a mistake that was creating a list with 1 entry if there was no
entry to add.
-Added a LoadingBg button in the MySystem tab to switch the background
color of the floppy loading screen (Black/white)

-TopUpdate cmd is back and upgraded. Use it instead of dbupdate cmd.
-Help cmd updated.
-Toplight cmd added. Use it if the toplist is too heavy and slow.
-Topupdate cmd updated and lighted.
-Help cmd updated.
-Fixed the "d" Hotkey debug feature. (Only init was logged)
-Moded Customrom 3.9 partial display bug fixs.

-Fixed the "d" Hotkey debug feature. (Only init was logged)

-Space in the destination path, bug fixed.
-Fixed a mistake that was deleting your old setups when installing a
new version of X-bEnCh.


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