Terra Incognita ~ Chapter One: The Descendant - A retro inspired RPG needs your Steam Greenlight votes

A big Kickstarter success for BackToBasicsGaming, as they have now turned their attention towards Steam Greenlight for their latest game "Terra Incognita ~ Chapter One: The Descendant"; a retro inspired turn based RPG heavily influenced by retro games such as the Final Fantasy series and Suikoden 2. The developers are promising a deep and immersive story-line, a vast world with rich detail, fast turn based battle system, a large amount of recruitable characters, legendary weapons, an original 16-bit sound track and much more. With many hours of game time, lots of baddies and great dungeon crawling, "Terra Incognita" might be worthy of your Steam Greenlight votes!

Listed Features :
  • Deep and immersive story-line 
  • A vast world, large areas to traverse, rich with detail 
  • Fast paced, turn based battle system 
  • (With loads of abilities to learn from levelling up, certain abilities can only be acquired by completing side quests.) 
  • A large amount of recruitable characters. 
  • (all with their own unique battle abilities, equipable weapons/armour-And each with their own back story side quest) 
  • Legendary weapons! 
  • (A side quest is available for every single recruitable character. If you finish a characters back story quest, you'll get their legendary weapon!) 
  • Side quests galore 
  • Secrets! 
  • (Explore the world of Terra, off the beaten track, away from the where the main story takes you! 
  • You'll be rewarded with new towns/villages/dungeons, side quests, items,equipment and LOOT! 
  • Original soundtrack 
  • retro 16-bit style graphic style 
  • Collectable items 
  • (Massive array of collectable items to search out, trade with npcs or just hoard em! 
  • Some Items can be used to decorate the home hub, after it is unlocked in the main story)


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