Troll Song Verse 1: Completely stoned - Point 'N Click Adventure

Not to be confused with the *Other* troll song, this is a point and click adventure from the heart of the Adventure Game Studio forums, Where CaptainD has been slaving away for his passion project to bring us an adventure game which is very different from the usual pirate, detective, or ninja pirate fare.

From the developer:
Troll Song aims to tell the story of trolls as a people, a culture, a society.  The trolls are under threat of extermination, but although they're big and strong, these trolls are no mindless brutes - they are a simple but honourable people with their own sense of morality and honour; a people who have feelings, who develop friendships; even a people who make music.  Well, a sort of music...
For the four trolls who manage to survive the attempted trollicide, it's not simply a matter of staying alive, or even a matter of revenge - for you see, to find out what their future can be, they first have to learn about their history - the very origin of their race.  
You play as Clod, one of the trolls who manages to escape.  Using your trollish abilities, you must also help your remaining friends to escape.  Before your journey continues you will find an unlikely ally, and along your path of discovery, you will find out that Clod is not just an ordinary troll... he has a destiny.

The graphics are classic 16-bit 2D style but with a full compliment of voice acting in the mix, as well as plenty of troll-ish humour.

Troll Song Aims to be released early next year but until then there is a downloadable demo at:
Game Jolt
Main Troll Song Website



  1. Thanks for doing this post! Dualnames and AprilSkies have been working hard on this too, I could never have got this far without them. :-)

  2. You're most welcome :)


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