Major Rocks - 80's arcade shooter homage gets a kickstarter

Indie studio Super Good Pixel are starting their foray into a series of 80's arcade inspired games with an homage to the granddaddy of all arcade shooters, asteroids with an up to date rendition called Major Rocks. Featuring up to date graphics and gameplay, Major Rocks goes far beyond the simple single screen, blow up some rocks formula of the original, combining elements from many of the most revered 2D arcade shooters from the 80's

The guys at SGP have been in the industry for a while and have their share of fine and not so fine titles under their collective belts. They also state that Major Rocks is around 70% complete and all the gameplay footage in the trailer is real final game footage.

Major Rocks is the first game in a retro series of arcade games to be released on various gaming platforms. Major Rocks is an arcade themed space shooter full of action and excitement. This is what we like to call a free-floating space shooter. You have controls to turn your ship left and right. You can thrust forward and fire your various weapons at enemies. You have shields that protect you from incoming blasts and fuel to keep topped off. Among the enemies you will find POWER-UPS and other goodies to keep the game fresh! Major Rocks is the best of the ARCADE action everyone fell in love with, but updated to look and feel fresh for today’s market.This is our "LOVE LETTER" to 80's arcade space shooters! We have taken elements from the classic arcade games of the past and have combined them into one new explosion of fun!

Super Good Pixel are looking for kickstarter funding for the final push and as such are only looking for a modest $5000 (though there are a number of stretch goals should they happen to go that far...)
As a special bonus, all backers of at least $5 will get the android beta versions to play with.

Find their kickstarter campaign here
Super Good Pixel website


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