Psycho Starship Rampage - Design your own starship in this latest Greenlight campaign

Ballistic Frogs has just contacted us to let people know about their starship building shoot em up game 'Psycho Starship Rampage', which is currently going through a Steam Greenlight campaign and available as an early alpha demo tease. Playing as the RSR-648b, a psychotic warship AI in need of parts after a wake up, you must rebuild yourself and wipe out anything that gets in it's way in a return journey back to Earth.

Action and creation is at the top of the list for Ballistic Frogs in Psycho Starship Rampage, as you can build your own star ship, improve it with powerful weapons using the editor and also use tactical interactions to wipe out enemy fleets. Plus the environment can be used to your advantage such as asteroids and enemy carcasses. Furthermore the developers have also mentioned local multi player in which each player has their own starship or shared control of the same ship. So if this sounds like your sort of game, give them the thumbs up!


  • Original game design: mixes classic space shooter with tactical and rogue-like elements 
  • Ship Editor: build the killing machine of your darkest dreams 
  • Procedurally generated levels and enemies 
  • Game modes: 

- Campaign: Shoot and loot through the galaxy to return back to Earth
- Survival: fight through increasingly difficult levels, and go as far as possible.

  • Crazy local multiplayer modes with up to 4 players: 

- Classic coop: 1 ship per player
- Schizophrenia: multiple players, only 1 ship!
- Versus

  • Loot many equipments/weapons designed for interaction and combos 
  • Totally customizable controls (even multiple players on the same device) 
  • XBox 360 gamepad support (Windows) 
  • Original sci-fi graphics design 
  • Exclusive OST from Wildphinn[]. Old-school shooter-like soundtrack! 
  • PC, Mac and Linux
Available to vote on the Steam Greenlight page with a demo available on their website

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