The Dark Inside Me - 18+ disturbing adventure game gets an Indiegogo/Steam Greenlight campaign

You may have read about the latest Action game called Hatred which spawned rather a lot of controversy, but there's another game which could push the boundaries of sickening and that is "The Dark Inside Me"; a new Adventure from horror movie director Akçay Karaazmak. Currently going through both an Indiegogo and Steam Greenlight campaign with a high +18 rating for PC,Mac & Linux. The Dark Inside Me is a 2d,5 next-gen unique 3rd person point and click psychological horror that aims to reflect the real characteristic of a player through the game and see how far players would push their limits. Especially as it has disturbing gore, sex and intense violent scenes!

You awake in a hospital room, handcuffed to a bed. You hear some detectives speaking about you. They are speaking that they are surprised that how you can be still alive after that terrifying event. And one of the said it would be better if they caught you dead. You don’t understand and don’t remember much but to learn first you should find a way to escape. 
According to Akcay, the game is based on a dynamic scenario and the game-flow changes according to player decisions and how they face with the situations and solve the puzzles. But what pushes the boundaries is not just the graphical nature of the game but you can actually kill people that get in your way with specific tools. It is also a choice kill game, do you decide to avoid or do you decide to torture. You also have to think if that player will help you later on, so you will face the decisions you gave through the game.

But at it's core, this is still an adventure game, and one with very impressive details with beautiful real and surreal 3d pre-rendered 2d scenes  and also great music, and for those of you who like puzzle solving will have to think of what items to use and when to use them.

Features ; 
  • Next-gen point & click psychological horror adventure game.
  • Dynamic scenario.
  • Solving puzzles with various ways.
  • Play like a game, feel it like a movie
  • Highly detailed rendered 2D graphics and animations.
  • 2d,5 parallax and panning camera effects.
  • 3d playable characters.
  • More then one playable main character through the game play.
  • Mature content including gore, violence and sexuality.
  • Cinematic soundtracks depending on the mood of the scenes.
  • Multiple camera angle areas and scenes.
  • Many different environments; from houses, streets, shops, buildings to forests, buses, ships and much more.
  • 1920x1080 Full Hd graphics.
  • 1920x1080 Full Hd cinematics.
So as an adventure fan and someone who doesn't like the soft approach to gaming, I seriously cannot wait for The Dark Inside Me!

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