Xain'D Sleena - Arcade final release cracked for C64

Originally released way back in 1986, also known as Soldier of Light and Solor Warrior, Xain'D Sleena has been given the final homebrew release for C64 by Sputnik World. An action arcade shooter with baddies attacking from all sides, you play as Xain, and your mission as a galactic bounty-hunter is to defeat evil forces who oppress five different planets.

Although this version does have a great cracktro and or intro, it isn't the most graphically appealing C64 title we've seen. Still though, it is fun as a good time waster!

Credits :

Code .... Rulas International of Sputnik World
Music .... Baron Ashler of Kabuto Factory, Sputnik World
Graphics .... Rulas International of Sputnik World
Paper Art .... Errazking
Test .... Bieno64 of Commodore Plus, Onslaught, Sputnik World


  1. SOldier of LIght was a lot of fun on the Atari ST!

  2. I never played any of them, looks as if I need to load up the Amiga/ST version :)

  3. I would disable the music on the Atari ST version, it wasn't that good. :)


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