Underworld Ascendant - OtherSide Entertainment rekindles an RPG classic through Kickstarter

Hot off the press and just announced, OtherSide Entertainment have now begun their Kickstarter campaign for 'Underworld Ascendant'; an overhauled, modernised sequel to the all time legendary RPG games 'Ultima Underworld' & 'Ultima Underworld 2'.  The developers are aiming for a $600,000 goal and have mentioned the sequel will have more modern visuals and a user interface to take advantage of today's powerful PC's.

According to the developers the game will use the Improvisation Engine as you plunge into the Stygian Abyss. a dark world ripe with dangers and full of ancient secrets to discover. It will also feature Dynamic Factions, a choice of characters such as the thief or mage, and boundary pushing ideas such as co-op play while fighting in menacing dungeons against evil beasts.

It's incredible to think that Ultima Underworld was first released in 1992 and used new ideas such as texture mapping in a 3D world. It was an incredible RPG and a prequel to the hit game Ultima Underworld 2 that gave you the feeling of immersion, all in gorgeous cutting edge visuals for it's time. It featured enemies, loot, characters and everything you could ever want in an RPG. It will be hard to beat, so lets hope that this Kickstarter lives up to it's name, and brings those all time classic games into a brand new generation.

A bold move by OtherSide Entertainment as they have a lot to live up to, but they have our cleric's blessing for a Kickstarter pledge.

Both Ultima Underworld 1 and 2, can be purchased through GOG

Kickstarter Page


  1. I seriously hope they do a great job without dumbing it down. The only thing I did not like of the original games was the control method: as long as the fix that and don't destroy the feeling of Ultima, everything is good.

  2. The control method was a pain then and it's still a pain now even through GOG, still though I can't wait for this! :D


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