Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander - Eye opening Sci-fi through Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight

Classed as a rogue-like sci-fi strategy survival game, 'Halcyon 6 : Starbase Commander' for PC & Mac is the latest eye opening indie game to appear on Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight. Developed by Massive Damage, Inc; Halcyon 6 is set in the midst of a disastrous war where you and your ragtag group of Terran officers discover an ancient, derelict space station, and attempt to harness its mysterious power to turn the war's tides in a grand, desperate campaign to save the human race from extinction.

Rogue-likes come and go as do Sci-fi games, but Halcyon 6 is something special. As not only is it inspired by games such as Star Control II, Master of Orion, X-COM, Civilization and of course, rogue-like games like FTL but it will feature crew management with unique traits and talents, deep tactical combat, story events and an expandable, explorable space universe.

Furthermore being able to build your star base, construct facilities, research tech, explore star systems, mine resources, build ships and the fight to survive certainly gives us that X-Com vibe mixed in with a hint of Homeworld.

I could pretty much go on and on how good this game looks and not just from a rogue-like perspective. But to be inspired by the greats while enhancing it with new features and a graphical style, really appeals. This is one game that has my backing, but it should get yours as well.

The developers are currently aiming for a $40,000 goal, so they will need all your help to push it to a success. So if you want to play in a vast, merciless, uncaring universe: filled with bloodthirsty fauna, enigmatic aliens and mysterious ancient artefacts, in a setting reminiscent of classic sci-fi games like Star Control II and Master of Orion give them a thumbs up and pledge!

Steam Greenlight

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