KUNOI - A speed runner that wont let you stop gets a Kickstarter

7osix contacted us through Facebook about his latest Kickstarter of 'KUNOI', which is set to give speed running games a kick up the rear in excellence. Now for those of you who don't know what a speed runner is, it's a constantly side scrolling game that forces the player to make choices as quick as possible or the risk of death. Unlike most speed runners however, KUNOI takes game play mechanics from endless runners and combines them with elements from retro games. As according to the developer, The gameplay will feel familiar yet distinct with its difficulty and aesthetics.

KUNOI will also be a very difficult challenge. There will be no hand holding in this game as every second counts and the risk of death is non stop. You will be able to dodge, slash, and throw stars through over 20 levels of retro aesthetics all in a quest to rescue the great Master Yuka who has been kidnapped. Environmental hazards, traps and deadly enemies will always be in your path and the game will punish you! So be quick, plan fast and don't make any mistakes.

Further Features :
  • Carefully thought out level design. The player's experience is crafted by strategically placed dangers, risks, and rewards.
  • Beautiful retro pixel art paying homage to the early 90's such as Sonic, Mario, and Kirby.
  • A very expressive soundtrack which also pays tribute to the early 90's. Infectious melodic hooks and driving beats wrapped up in a 16-bit package.
  • 20+ levels to blaze through. Seasoned players who are skilled can speed through levels at record time.
  • Quick sessions and instantaneous respawn leaves no time for the player's skill to depreciate. There is enough punishment for the player to endure, why sit through a drawn out dying sequence?
Speed runners have come and gone, but KUNOI looks to be something special. It takes the retro and turns it into an unforgiving running platformer that wont let you put it down. So give the developers a backing on their Kickstarter page and try out the demo, lets see how far you get!

Kickstarter page & Demo

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