Once Bitten, Twice Dead! - Zombie survival but with a twist! Gets a Kickstarter

When you've just stepped into a world, lost and with no food and all but the screams of other players dealing with Zombies or Griefers, then you just know you're playing a Zombie survival game. Sure enough here's another one to wet your appetite, 'Once Bitten, Twice Dead!'. Developed by Dark Day Inc; which is currently going through a Kickstarter campaign this latest release features more than just crafting and survival.

Firstly Once Bitten, Twice Dead! is a Voxel game! Yes, those of you who have played Minecraft will know what I mean. Characters looking like blocks walking in a weird lego like fashion certainly appeals to most. This also makes it a more unusual design from the standard Zombie survival look we have been so used to these past few years, so certainly a thumbs up on that point.

But why should we be interested in this game over any other Zombie survival that appears on a monthly basis through Steam? How about the fact that not only does Once Bitten feature the ability to fight with and chat to a maximum of 100 players, but also being able to join and play across multiple platforms! So PC, MAC and Linux users can fight it out or shout "Friendly" as many times as they want across supported platforms. You can even pick one of fifteen different characters, each with their own specific skill set, and fight against the rising undead by using tons of unique weapons and craftable items.

But here's the twist and one that I think is a really cool addition, something that should've been available in other survival games, being able to play as a Zombie! That's right, Once Bitten, Twice Dead! has an Infected mode where players spawn as one of the Zombies getting a chance to witness the conflict through the eyes of the undead. So imagine that, seeing your friends trying to survive and you can be the best damn Zombie throughout the game, causing complete chaos while having so much fun doing so...

So with all that out of the way, let's take a look at the listed features and boy are they good!

• A cartoon art style that really accentuates the eyes of that undead cannibal about to eat your brains

• Explore a beautiful and deadly open world, complete with day and night cycles! (What goes bump in the night will probably gnaw your face off).

• Multiple zombie types to keep you on your toes!

• 15 unique characters to pick from, each with their own skill set and a serious distrust of anything that shuffles around and/or eats human flesh.

• 50+ weapons and 100+ craft-able items to help you prepare to combat the horde! (Or at least look cool for screenshots of your demise).

• Online and offline play modes so that you can always get your survival on.

• Play online with up to 100 other people simultaneously across multiple platforms – Nobody likes to do the zombie stomp alone, so get some friends and bash the undead to, well, death...again. (PC, Mac an Linux)

• Infected Mode - Play the game as the muncher: Crawl, jump and swipe your way across the land, stopping players at all cost.

Mod support! This game will feature full mod support for those who like to get a little crazy!

• Custom skins

• Over 50 different zombie types: From Police, to Wartime Soldiers, Average Joes, Firemen, Company Men, Doctors, and much more!

• Constant updates and game add-ons to keep this game fresh!

• No subscriptions! Don’t let them win!

• Sense of humor that revolves around zombies (and MAYBE fart jokes. No, scratch that. DEFINITELY on fart jokes).

I personally think Once Bitten, Twice Dead! Looks bloody awesome. It takes the graphical grandeur of Minecraft mashes it up with DayZ and twists it around with being able to play as a Zombie, just so you can eat your friends brains and other body parts.

So if the game appeals to your sense of Zombieness give them a pledge on their Kickstarter page and raise the $20,000 goal needed.

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