Reikon Dungeon - 3D Roguelike gets a Steam Greenlight campaign

Described as a 3D roguelike dungeon crawler, 'Reikon Dungeon' is a hack and slash style voxel game with real time action, where the player gets to explore infinite dungeons and hunt down deadly monsters. Developed by Alcapa Games, Reikon Dungeon is currently going through a Steam Greenlight campaign and once a success will be available through early access.

Unlike other roguelikes, Reikon Dungeon features permanent death but with the ability to reincarnate yourself as one of the monsters or many of the other characters which opens up new abilities and combat styles. But that's not all as you can craft equipment, upgrade your skills and any souls you free in the dungeon will give you quests or new items for sale.

  • Procedural dungeon generation: Dungeons are procedurally generated but saved at each run, to give you an endless challenge and real time action fun! 
  • Deep character customization: You can control every aspect of your character progression, experiment with different builds and combination of equipment and skills to create your own lethal combination. 
  • Procedural loot: With a pretty various combination of weapons and accessories you’ll hardly get the chance to drop the same item, and you can also combine them. 
  • Rebirth: Death can happen, however you get to keep all your items to start over again and get another chance to reach the end of the dungeon. Obtaining the soul core of the monster you previously defeated will enable you to get their unique stats and special abilities, which could be helpful to exploit certain bosses. 
  • Bosses: A game can’t be fun without those huge boss fights. You’ll learn to hate those bosses and then eventually beat them. 
  • Interact with the world: With a system similar to the message in a bottle, you’ll be able to communicate with the other players that populate this endless and huge dungeon; we plan to give the player the chance to affect the world in many ways and this is just one of those.
So if you want a hint of Diablo mixed up with some Minecraft graphical style, check this game out and give them the Steam Greenlight thumbs up!

Available for PC & MAC, Release date TBA

Steam Greenlight

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