WinUAE 3.1.0 Beta 12 - Feature packed Amiga emulator beta update

I was starting to wonder when the next beta of the Amiga emulator WinUAE would arrive and sure enough today it has! So here it is, WinUAE 3.1.0 beta 12 by Toni Wilen. Beta 12 features more than just the odd bug fix but new additions such as Microbotics StarDrive SCSI and Kupke Golem SCSI. So if you want the latest and best in Amiga emulators on your PC, read on for the change log.

Beta 12:

- Do not force full display reset when switching to/from programmed mode and autoresolution is active and mode is D3D. (D3D can switch display buffer size without closing existing window)
- Added config file option to force UAE boot ROM active even if current configuration does not need it. boot_rom_uae=automatic/disabled/min/full. automatic (or line not included)=normal default, disabled=always disabled (all features that require uae boot rom stop working), min=only add old-style $F0FFxx traps).
- Serial port emulation (if connected to real serial port) lost characters if transmit speed was fast enough. Broken since 2810b4.
- Raw SCSI emulation improvements and updates.
- WD33C93 emulation didn't allow use of select and transfer to split single transfer in multiple pieces.
- Kupke Golem SCSI emulation.
- Microbotics A1000 StarBoard 2 StarDrive SCSI expansion board emulation.
- J.Kommos A500 SCSI emulation, 1.8 rom added.
- Vector Falcon 8000 emulation. ROM created from disk based driver.
- M-Tec AT 500 emulation.
- Protar A500 HD emulation.
- Added AdIDE 40/44 emulation.
- Masoboshi SCSI read access works again, writes are still broken. (Driver is strange, it uses code path that simply can't work, writes 16 extra bytes. There is another code path that looks correct but there are lots of unknown variables that are set here and there..)
- Kupke Golem 030 A500 accelerator and boot rom added ("68030 Autoconfig (17-FEB-91) V1.0 ET")
- Added manufacturer names to HD controller selection.
- Reorganized internal accelerator board handling.
- GVP Series I ROM and buffer RAM mirrors now 100% match real hardware.
- Memwatch points didn't work with autoconfig address bank.
- Refactored expansion board handling yet again, multiple identical boards are supported again.
- Added GUI support for multiple identical HD controller boards. Current max is 4 boards.
- Selecting some accelerator ROM file (for example CS MK I and II) also added it to cart rom file.
- Show only mainboard HD controllers and enabled (ROM selected) expansion controllers in HD controller selection list. (CDTV and some others are not yet hidden, much more work to do, later..)
- Added "Velvet" A1000 prototype to chipset selection. Floppy IO lines are not hooked to CIA chips correctly, probably lots of other minor changes that are not known yet are not emulated.
- Show floppy image's original file name in status bar even if file needed decompression or converting.

Microbotics StarDrive SCSI:
- A1000 StarBoard 2 RAM expansion optional HD controller module.
- Text based partitioning software.
- 5380 based, no autoboot ROM, no RDB support.
- Clock not emulated.

M-Tec AT 500:
- 1.33 ROM added. "mtec-at500.device mtec-at500 1.33w (08 July 1993)"
"(c) Hardware Design Udo Neuroth, Bottrop, Dieter Niewerth, 1992 1993"

- 68000 socket.
- Uses custom data bit swapping (drive partitioned with AdIDE won't work in any other IDE controller and vice versa), emulation will automatically read/write non-swapped data.
- Uses RDB but does not seem to be fully compatible, other controller partitioned drives don't mount.
- ROM was software dumped, real chip probably has swapped address or data lines similar to IDE data lines.

Kupke Golem SCSI:
- Fake dma interface.
- Tested with 3.8 and 3.9 drivers. 3.9 rom added.

Protar A500 HD:
- ROM only has small loader code, loads driver from HD. (If drive is unformatted, press mouse button to boot from floppy)
- 8490 chip (improved version of 5380). 8490 extra features not emulated, at least Protar driver does not use them.
- ROM added, unknown version. There probably is later version because only 1.4 (1.x?) boot disks detect the hardware.

J.Kommos A500 SCSI:
- Strange non-autoconfig autobooting HD controller, uses cartridge ROM space.
- Byte-based fake dma.
- Boot HD detection screen.
- Not RDB compatible.
- ROM includes 36.3 FastFileSystem handler.
- jkscsi.device, "Autoboot SCSI-HardDisk By J.Kommos Date: 25.07.1990".

Vector Falcon 8000:
- Improved version of Kommos SCSI.
- More or less functionally same as Kommos but most glue TTL chips and GALs put in single FPGA-like chip.
- Long word/word based fake DMA.
- More colorful boot HD detection screen.
- vector.device. "Autoconfig 16 Bit SCSI + CD-ROM Driver (©) by J.Kommos V7.1 - 11.08.1993"
- ROM includes CD ROM filesystem.
- Bad filesystem loader: must be single hunk, only loads filesystems if KS 1.3, ignores all relocation hunks.

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