Teddy Terror - 2D horror for a little boy through Steam Greenlight

Imagine if you will, going to sleep and your worst nightmares coming true. For a little boy that's very frightening indeed, especially when he falls into a deep sleep and the evil takes him into a place of death, torment and beastly horrors. Using your surroundings and the will to survive, Teddy Terror by Rage Monster Games is a 2D horror survival game with a challenging passive-aggressive gameplay currently going through a Steam Greenlight campaign.

Survive the nightmarish world and escape from tongue spitting eyeball creatures, horrifying bosses and hordes of unimaginable abominations! Lure terrifying monsters into deadly traps, find powerful toys to aid you, collect candy, become stronger and face the Nightmare holding your Teddy bear!

Unique Gameplay

  • Passive aggressive playstyle - be swift and escape from the clutches of evil or wait for the right moment to strike and eliminate insidious creatures with deadly traps. 
  • Diverse killing possibilities - Lure hellish creatures in to traps, activate traps by throwing your teddybear or find powerful toys to eradicate every monstrosity that may lurk in the depths of the darkness. 
  • Roguelike features - permadeath, randomized loot(items and toys), randomized deadly levels with gruesome enemies and gigantic bosses with endless replayability. 
  • Level up, find items, complete achievements,empower yourself and grow from a helpless child into a killing machine
Can you face the nightmare and escape from the menacing horrors?

A playable public Demo will be released in May 2015(or sooner!)
Vote for it on their Steam Greenlight page

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