The Bitmap Brothers: Universe - Official legendary developer history gets a Kickstarter

A Kickstarter campaign has just launched for a unique and lavishly produced history book of the visionary British software house 'The Bitmap Brothers', created by videogame history publisher Read-Only Memory. Titled 'The Bitmap Brothers Universe', will be a feature packed book containing first-hand interviews with The Bitmap Brothers' key figures, a breathtaking haul of never-before-seen archive material, including original production drawings and digital artwork from seminal titles such as Xenon 2: Megablast, Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe and The Chaos Engine.

The Bitmap Brothers founded in 1987 released several games on the Amiga and Atari ST, and were one of the most successful companies on those platforms. They released incredible games such as Xenon (1988), Speedball (1988), Xenon II: Megablast (1989), Cadaver (1990), Speedball 2: Brutal , Deluxe (1990), Gods (1991), Magic Pockets (1991), The Chaos Engine (Soldiers of Fortune) (1993), The Chaos Engine 2 (1996), and Z (1996).

Alongside a celebration of the Bitmaps’ classic works such as the games mentioned, the book will reveal for the first time the fate of unreleased projects such as the high octane Amiga racer ‘Bike’/‘Havoc’/‘Triple X’ and the 2D Speedball successor ‘Brutal Deluxe’/‘ブルータル デラックス’.

The Kickstarter is currently at £7,383 pledged of a £40,000 goal, and from what I've seen so far has every possibility of being a success. So if you remember your retro gaming history, and you remember how great The Bitmap Brothers were, then give these guys a pledge!


  1. I had backed the publisher's Sensible book but I was rather disappointed from it. A book should be much, much more than a series of interviews...

  2. Wow, I remember them on my Apple //c.

  3. :D You're so old Ant ;)


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