The Blossoming Years — High quality ZX Spectrum album by Hype Allstars

Now here's something we haven't featured in ages, a bloody good 8-bit album to really make you feel at home with those old school ghetto blasters. This is 'The Blossoming Years' - MmcM music album by Hype Allstars, over 1hr's worth of top quality 8-bit tunes by one of the most prominent musicians to come out of the Russian ZX Spectrum demoscene. A compilation of 18 tracks from 1999-2001 which shows the musician at the peak of his creative powers and easily explains the cult following that he enjoys in the homeland.

Release date: April 2015
Release party: Revision 2015
Compo: Wild
Platform: zx spectrum 48K-128K

Hardware requirements:

(*) ZX Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+2a/+2b/+3, or ( 128K IS RECOMMENDED )
(*) Pentagon / Pentagon-compatible clones, or
(*) ZS Scorpion 256 Turbo+.

Also available to download for your ZX Spectrum

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  1. Tested and working on Spetaculator!


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