Vade Retro - Retroworks platforming homebrew for the ZX Spectrum

Mention to most retro gamers the name Retroworks and they will probably tell you of a company that releases great homebrew platformer games for any number of retro based systems such as the Amstrad CPC or the ZX Spectrum. Well today's sees another Retroworks release by the name of 'Vade Retro' and once again it's a platformer and available for the 48k and 128k ZX Spectrum.

As is the case with Retroworks the story with each game they have released is very deep and involving, but to shorten it down for you the player. Your quest is to recover the mighty sword fragments, enchant it with the power from Arganzia and defeat the evil Delcram, a dark wizard who fled vowing revenge and has returned again.

The quest wont be easy though as right from the get go you are placed into a fantasy world of beasts, deadly spiders and ghosts that when touched will slowly damage you and drain your health bar. Thankfully through the exploration of all the neat levels ranging from woodlands to castles, you will come across all the sword fragments to be able to hack away at the enemies. With them out of the way it is much easier to jump across platforms or further explore the realm to gather the enchantment potion and defeat the dark wizard.

Please note, these are desktop resolution images.

For what it's worth the game is certainly fun, with smooth controls and great speccy graphics and when it comes to Retroworks they never completely disappoint. However the only thing missing is an in an game sound track ( There was none through Spetactulator ), just music in the main menu which was nice to listen to.

Available to download from Retroworks

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