Canvaleon - Stealth Platformer coming to Wii U June 18th!

We usually don't feature Wii U games purely for the fact that I don't actually have one, but when the developers OXiAB Game Studio gave us the shout out to mention their latest game 'Canvaleon' we thought we'd do just that. Classed as a stealth platformer you play as a Chameleon that has to resort to using the environment and his or her skills to slip past enemies and threats.

What looks to be a fun for the family type of game, in 'Canvaleon' your character is the only white chameleon in the village which makes it extremely difficult to hide from enemies. Thankfully your friendly artist Doodle is on hand who came up with the idea of using Canvas' white body as a literal canvas for his paintings, making up Canvas' lack of natural camouflage. But Doodle needs your help, without the many scattered butterflies, from which he extracts the pigments you'll not be able to hide yourself, and enemies will become increasingly difficult to beat!

If you wish to know more about the game, head on over to the main website and download the PC Demo

“Canvaleon” will be available this June 18th 2015 on the Nintendo eShop.

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