Isle of the Deranged - Large 15+ hour game play mod for Legend of Grimrock 2

I was talking to my retro gaming friends the other day about which games were the best dungeon crawlers and the general response was between Dungeon Master, Eye of the Beholder and Lands of Lore. But ask the modern gamer and every single time they say to me Legend of Grimrock! Which is pretty interesting as Legend of Grimrock is almost as good as those classics but bang up to date with modern features. So to improve upon the greatness of LOG 2, we have 'Isle of Deranged'; a very large 15 hour game mod that was released this month!

Isle of the Deranged developed by Slayer 68 has been in development for an impressive 5 months, and in that time he has really pushed forward a feature filled experience for the avid dungeon crawler gamer. From a non-linear approach to dungeon crawling, open-world exploration to engaging memoirs of a fallen participants this is a mod to impress. What's more you'll come across new creatures such as the slime, new tile sets/assets from Skuggasveinn, new armour and 21 stages of dungeons to look forward to. Certainly worthy of a play through!

Isle of the Deranged 1.2 is available on Moddb and Legend of Grimrock 2 is required.

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