Stormfinch - ZX Spectrum shoot em up with a fantastic full release!

It's Monday and you know what that means, more awesome games for the week ahead. So to begin with we have an update to Stonechat Productions shoot em up 'Stormfinch' of which we mentioned a while ago to the ZX gaming community. Developed using the 'Nirvana Engine', Stormfinch has now been pushed out of an early build into a full release and boy is it good!

Now featuring 10 levels, 9 bosses, a whopping 64 different attack waves and an end game sequence, Stormfinch has come a long way from it's early build. The original version had a number of issues regarding frame rate, sound and bullet collision problems and other issues, but not so with this release. This is a fully complete build with many of the complaints taken care of, with precise controls, smooth feedback and a great in game soundtrack.

Furthermore throughout the game you'll come across a varied amount of enemy types ranging in difficulty, that will attack you from pretty much every direction possible. Thankfully through the use of the radar, and powered up beam weapon (R-type anyone?) you can prepare yourself from the direction of attack and really kick ass in shoot em up style.

So what do I think of it? Well let me tell you, it's pretty damn good actually! You would almost think it was a completely different game to the one the developer originally released. Everything is so smooth and each little detail of the ships is just spot on for a speccy title. 

The game is also a challenge, so if you expect to jump in and not lose any lives, you will be oh so wrong. My only crit, was during my playtime in Spectaculator I'd have liked in game sound effects as well like bleeps and blops from firing your weapon. But that's the only issue as this is certainly worth of a recommendation to anyone that has a ZX Spectrum or an emulator, so give it a try today, completely free! 

I challenge you to complete the game ;)

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