WinUAE 3.1.0 Beta 19 - Amiga emulator bug fix update!

An early evening update for the Amiga emulator 'WinUAE' as Toni Wilen has released WinUAE 3.1.0 beta 19, which is more of a bug fix update than actual new features.  As is the case with every release we will list the bug fixes in a changelog and keep you informed as to when the latest version is available, which should be any week now.  Also to note, not long after this beta, Toni Wilen released a quick hotfix which apparently fixes a drive sound issue.

Beta 19:

- Switching from non-lace to/from lace didn't always select correct long/short/interlace frame timing.
- SCSI CD READ TOC and READ SUB-CHANNEL returned failure instead of truncating result if command's allocation length was smaller than returned data structure.
- If cycle-exact and sound is Disabled: Force Disabled, but emulated.
- Added Preferred Technologices Nexus MEM TEST -jumper, clears autoconfig add to memlist bit.
- Removed Nexus 2M/4M/8M config options, dynamic RAM board autoconfig data modifications are now supported.
- Added Impulse FireCracker 24 display adapter emulation, single display mode only. (Display scaling and positioning incomplete and not all control register bits are known)
- Pixel perfect genlock transparency data is now available if configured display adapter needs it. (HAM-E and FireCracker 24) HAM-E end of display is now correctly detected.
- AVIOutput wave/avi mode and file name is stored in registry/ini.
- AVI recording A/V sync slowly getting larger and larger fixed. Should be perfect now in all configurations.
- Tablet touch GUI open function really works now.
- Missed drive sound special requirement.


As for us, we will return to normal posting as from Monday (Tomorrow).

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