Booming Boy - Bomberman inspired arcade release for the MSX2 with a Demo!

Through all the years of retro gaming, there is one name that always stands out in the crowd, and that is Bomberman or as it's also called Dynablaster. This incredibly addictive game was originally developed by Hudson Soft in which you move a character around a maze like game screen, collecting power ups and placing bombs to clear obstacles or wiping out enemies. What made the game so challenging is the fact that bombs can also be a hindrance and if placed incorrectly can also kill you and your friends if being played in multiplayer. Such a brilliant game for it's time and every so often we get a clone of Bomberman by different developers and 'Booming Boy' developed for the MSX2 is one such game that certainly is a worthy addition to this retro line up.

With a specially designed case to that of a Japanese Anime, Booming Boy is the very latest Bomber Man game that is very likely to be a commercial hit on the MSX2. As not to be a complete clone unlike the original game, this one features musical power ups and explosive sound notes that when placed, send out waves which blow up obstacles, enemies and even yourself. The game is full of colour, retro sound effects, lovely music and is a joy to play. What's more, Bombing Boy which is available to buy for 25€ has 5 areas consisting of 5 stages and is on sale by post through Repro Factory MSX!

If you don't have an MSX2, such as myself and want to see what all the fuss is about, the creators have also released a demo(msxarea), which is completely playable through the emulator BlueMSX.

However if you do have an MSX2 head on over to the purchase page and pick up a copy!

- Thanks for the heads up retrotaku

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