Tower 57 - Retro inspired shooter gets slick new gifs and demo news!

This weekend has been absolutely perfect for retro gamers, such as the recent release of Nostalgia's Ghosts'n Goblins Arcade, but now it's time to once again feature the more modern game but with a retro inspired twist, Benitosub and Cyangmou's 16-bit shooter 'Tower 57'. As we said before 'Tower 57' is set in a dystopian future; an arcade love child of Alien Breed and Chaos Engine with fantastic 16-bit styled pixel art and interactive and destructive environments. It is one of our most eagerly awaited games and going by our site stats it's yours too. So without further-ado it's time to showcase the latest animated gifs, such as weather effects, train animation, parallax and more, before the big trailer and demo which is due very soon! ( Bandwidth heavy warning )

Release Date ; Coming Q4 2015
Forum Discussion
Updates Including more Gifs

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