The Great Escape - Ocean classic coming to the Atari 8-bit!

We've just been informed by Alex from Retro For Sale that the 8-bit classic 'The Great Escape' by Ocean Software, is being ported over by mariuszw of the Atariage forums to the Atari 8-bit system. Originally developed for the ZX Spectrum, C64, Amstrad CPC and DOS in the 1980's, this work in progress release is being ported over from the C64 and at some point will have sound effects, music and an improved loading picture.

Played in an isometric 2.5D environment you control a prisoner of war in a POW camp that is tasked with escaping by a multitude of ways without being caught. Which was made more difficult by large fences, search lights, underground tunnels in complete darkness, and menacing guard dogs. It also really had that immersion with the feel of a P.O.W Camp such as a daily routine, along with all the other prisoners, which includes roll call, exercising, mealtimes and bedtime. If you did not follow this routine, just like in real life, the guards will shoot you!

Although lacking in detail it was a great game for it's time with the ZX Spectrum version placed at number 23 in Your Sinclair Top 100. What's more the developer behind The Great Escape; Denton Designs also went on to produce another great game that also saw a unofficial homebrew port for the Amiga, 'When Time Stood Still'

Thus if you remember this brilliant little gem of a game, head on over to the discussion forums to follow the latest developments and also download the latest release HERE.

Emulator used : Altirra 2.60

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