Dizzy The Last Hero v2 - The best looking Dizzy game this year just got even better!

We've just been informed by Adam of Yolkfolk.com in our Dizzy RetroGaming Facebook group, that the latest version of the brilliant retro styled Dizzy fan game 'Dizzy The Last Hero', of which we featured recently, has just been given a very nice update. Currently coming first in the DizzyAGE Easter Competition 2015 with Sunken Castle Dizzy coming second, this is possibly one of the best looking Dizzy fan games we've seen so far.  Developed by trz & Dr. Titus and available in English and Russian, the detail is of very high standard, with a great intro tune and sound affects that might just give you the goosebumps.

Because we've already featured the game before we wont go into repeating ourselves about the story. But what we can say is this Dizzy release is really at the top end of fan based games this year if not the last few years being developed using the Dizzy Age software. It has all the charm of the original games but adds a more deadly experience with more enemies that must be avoided quickly with more challenging puzzles, fantastic artwork and what will really impress you the most are the sound effects such as the rattling skeletons and laughing witches.

Changelog : New title screen, some scenes altered, extended and extra puzzles added.

As per usual this lovely Dizzy game is available to download through Yolkfolk HERE

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