Skool Daze - Retro School antics gets a second beta release for the CPC

Another hit game which I'm sure you remember was the world favourite of 'Skool Daze'; a ZX Spectrum release from 1984 that featured lots of school antics as you play as a naughty schoolboy named Eric with a task to steal the report card from the headmaster's safe! When I originally played it I had so much fun back in the day, there was nothing better than smacking other kids with your trusty catapult or causing havoc for the teachers and getting 1000's of lines. But the news today is, now you too can enjoy this classic once more as the unofficial developer Joseman has now released beta 2 in disk format for your Amstrad CPC, which is nearly at a point of completion

Unlike the previous release which crashed as soon as you pressed any key, this one is much better and is almost fully playable but does have some slow downs with lots of kids on the screen, see changelog. I will also note that this port does not feature complete colour as noted by the developer response : the graphic data is 1bit mode, and heavily hard coded, if you redo the graphics for mode 1 cpc (4 vibrant colors) we need twice the memory data for it, at the moment isn't a problem, it just that the routine that handles the school need to be totally rewriten. About Mode 0 (16 vibrant colors), much memory data needed and even more changes on the routine... Again... i'm not good on gfx too (well in coding not too), if anyone wants to help...

Thus it's a time to rejoice as Amstrad CPC owners can finally play this speccy classic and be the naughtiest kid in school! - Available to download from HERE

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