The Explorer of Night - Nice little playable platformer that's still a work in progress

I usually skip right on by when it comes to games on Gamejolt, mainly for the fact that many of them are just clones of more popular games such as Flappy Bird, or containing lots of references to Pewdiepie which I find more than a little annoying. However I did come across a game called 'The Explorer of the Night' developed by Alexander Bondarenko which really pulled me in with it's unusual colour design and for the fact it's a platformer which I spend much of my spare time playing.

In The Explorer of the Night you play as a cat like creature that has to get from the beginning of the level to the end while avoiding enemies and using skill to avoid deadly traps. For such an early development release, I had more fun in this game than most platformers I've played this week. It not only has a graphical style of which I've not seen before, but it's so simple to play that even a kid of 5years old could probably pick up and enjoy.

Yes some of the puzzles such as jumping on a moving platform, then dodging multiple times to avoid a trap might be a challenge to a child of that age, but it plays so smoothly and precise that it isn't frustrating to play. Furthermore the music is really nice to listen to and some of the background detail and falling leaves are a very nice touch to such an early work in progress game using Game Maker Studio.

But how far is this game in development? The developer has noted that this version of the game contains 19 level with original music and is complete by 40 %. But what the developer does require is feedback through the game page to make it a great final release!

So head on over to the website, download and have fun, I did :)

Controls : WASD ( Make sure to jump on the ladders to use them properly )


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