Super Dungeon Run - Fast paced dungeon crawler aims for Steam Greenlight!

Prepare for battle dungeoneers as we've just been informed by one of our readers that 'Super Dungeon Run' developed by Proper Games is up for voting through Steam Greenlight. Available for PC and in Early Access if it's a success, Super Dungeon Run is a fast paced dungeon crawler in which you guide a party of peasants and heroes through a dungeon of loot, traps and dangerous enemies!

But if you think this is just going to be your standard dungeon crawler you'd be mistaken, it is, as the developers call it, a massively single player roguelike RPG, which is designed to be accessible and addictive with epic equipment, semi procedural levels, deadly traps, multiple dungeons, different heroes, lots of peasants and much much more!

Main Features : 

  • Different every time! Semi-procedural levels mean no two dungeon runs will be the same. 
  • Epic equipment! Unlocking new outfits and potions for your heroes will greatly improve their strength and capabilities, allowing them to get deeper into the dungeon for greater rewards. 
  • Deadly traps and dangerous monsters! Encounter all manner of creatures and contraptions that are focused solely on your premature demise in a variety of violent (and usually messy) ways. 
  • Multiple dungeon types! Discover multiple dungeons and their various inhabitants, such as the musty, mildewy cellar, or the eerie, enigmatic crypt. 
  • Exciting content! Complete quests for colourful characters or see how far down into the dungeon you can make it. Will you discover what lurks in the deep dark depths? 
  • Get loot! Make your fortune by pilfering gold from the dank denizens of the dungeon and discover valuable materials to craft upgrades for your heroes. 
  • Level up your party! Gain experience and stop your heroes from spectacularly dying in the dungeon… for a while anyway!
So head on over to the Steam Greenlight page and give this enjoyable looking game a vote.

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