Falling Blocks - ZX Spectrum homebrew takes on Tetris!

One of the most popular games of all time was a tile-matching puzzle video game first released in 1984 which became a huge hit on the Gameboy in 1989. Many hours were spent rotating blocks and placing them in a line to gain a high score. It just had to be 'Tetris; a game that caused many people to spend hours playing and could not put it down. Although a conversion of Tetris was released on the ZX Spectrum by Andic Software in 1986, 'Falling Blocks' which we are going to feature today is a new take on that classic but developed by Peter McQuillan and released just last month.

In Falling Blocks the aim of the game is to create a horizontal line of ten units without gaps for a high score. The more lines that are created, the higher the score that you get. Each puzzle block can be moved side ways or rotated by 90 degree's and then dropped into the slots below. When a line is created the line vanishes!  If however you are not able to do such a task, the blocks will slowly increase on top of each other until it reaches the top and it's game over.

Falling Blocks while still in development is a fantastic take on Tetris.... The colours are bright and bold, with smooth game play, easy to use for all ages, and features the developers own little spin on the game which you will need to experience for yourself. I especially liked the music which is played throughout and the sound when you create a full line of blocks.

Thus if you loved Tetris, and want to play a new take on the original, come and play Falling Blocks for free by Peter McQuillan on your ZX!


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