Infernal Runner - Deadly traps await you in Hokuto Force's latest C64 release!

Before we begin, a huge apology to all of our readers for the delay in articles on the site, as not only has the heat been unbearable with no A/C, but I've had to rebuild the system with a new water cooling unit to keep the temps down. Now with that out of the way, welcome to a rather special C64 release from Hokuto Force which first appeared at the Menhir Party - 20 Years Later - Reunion Meeting. It's 'Infernal Runner'; a rather deadly run and jump platformer first released by Loriciels in 1985, originally created for the C64 and ported to the CPC which has now been enhanced by the great scene team of Hokuto Force!

In Infernal Runner you play as a trapped man in the Terrors Labyrinth and must escape by collecting all the keys, opening all the chests and finding the exit. But beware as this game is probably the darkest we've seen for a C64 release for some time! It is completely unforgiving and will try to kill you at every turn with some of the most deadly traps known to man. Laser beams, spikes, fire, angry beasts, is just some of the traps you'll have to deal with just to get the keys to get out of this hellish place!

Yet as hard as it is, it has been enhanced by Hokuto Force with +10 trainers, documents, gfx fixes of the player sprite, bug fixed room and end sequence, c128 fix, the Amstrad CPC picture was converted and it's completely free to play.

So what ever you are doing this weekend, make sure you're playing Hokuto Forces latest release of Infernal Runner, trainered for your gaming pleasure!


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