New A1200 Computer Housing Project - A fantastic new Amiga case Kickstarter!

When I was growing up one of the computers that really sticks close to my retro gaming heart was the 90's Amiga, from the A500 to the A1200 both of them such incredible computers that it pretty much made me the gamer I am today. So it would come as no surprise to you I also have many original games plus an original A1200 system ready to be played. But this is where our attention is drawn, to the latest New A1200 Computer Housing Project Kickstarter by Philippe Lang, which is set to take the retro gaming scene by storm!

Many of you have probably been keeping a keen eye on previous crowd funding campaigns for the C64 that related to both new case molds and new key caps. They were both a huge success and it enabled people to give those 80's systems a new boost of life, with multiple colours such as black, blue, red and even transparent. However there is a reason why so many of those campaigns were popular and it's not just because they are of a different colour, but many of the original old cases that we own from the 80's/90's, even the same with the Amiga are starting to go very yellow. The reason? The ABS used for these old machines were rendered flame-retardant with chemical treatments. These chemicals are the ones which cause this unsightly yellowing and until now the only fix was the owner trying a hand at painting or using special chemicals 'Retro brighting' to bring it back to white glory.

Thankfully the C64 has had it's turn, now it's the turn for the Amiga; a Kickstarter by Philippe Lang which is set to take all the stress away from painting your system and or cutting it up, by giving YOU the ability to pledge for your very own Amiga coloured case. That's right with a pledge of €79 or more you could own 1 Complete A1200 New Housing Set in all the colours you could ever dream of below (see Kickstarter for further pledges), But that's not all as these are super resistive and Anti-UV plastic molded housings.

Phil isn't some new guy who's just purchased an A1200 either, hoping that it would stay white for the next few years, but someone who has had an Amiga going way back to his childhood. An Amiga that according to him has lost it's great whiteness and has finally gone the way of the yellow and with included cracks and holes.  He pretty much agreed as did I and many others that new coloured cases were needed, and Ebay wasn't really the best place for it. So after much discussion and info gathering, he set out to manufacture his very own new A1200 housing in glorious multi colour!

According to Phil each of the molds will not just be the case upper and lower, but even with inclusive trapdoors and parts. Each part 3D modelized with Solidworks, with integrated enhancements that when finished will be turned into a prototype and if successful ready for production. You read that right, enhancements! This isn't just going to be a new coloured case but each one will have a new CF Slot over the PCMCIA (Kipper2k External CF Compatible), a new expansion trapdoor for better air cooling, a new HxC display slot with side slots for buttons and brand new USB slots!

But wait there's more! If you pledge 199 euro you'll get an awesome bronze case (20 pieces only), 259 euro for silver and finally 329 euro for a lovely gold case. So come on Amiga gamers and retro gamers, lets smash this €125,000 goal Kickstarter through the barrier of success and raise 145k to also have our very own black key caps!

Links : Kickstarter Page & Website

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