WinUAE 3.2.0 beta 4 - Another day another Amiga emulator update!

It has been a fantastic day for us, especially with our recent announcement on Twitter of the team up between Indie Retro News and Level Up Games in Canterbury, but after a nice collective retro haul, Toni Wilen has today mentioned the latest release of the Amiga emulator WinUAE 3.2.0 beta 4. Classed as one of the best emulators available, Toni Wilen has been hard at work throughout this month working on more bug fixes and improvements, so you too can play all of those great Amiga games and software on your PC! See change log for details

Beta 4:

- RTG<>chipset mode switching didn't check if modes have different filter type (forgot to add when RTG filter support was implemented)
- 68020/030 prefetch pipeline b3 missing addressing mode implemented. Other adjustments: single word unconditional branch-like instruction (for example RTS) stop prefetches immediately but conditional single opcode always prefetch one extra word before stopping. Bcc.S (when not branching) and DBcc probably aren't exactly right yet.
- A2090 ST-506 support implemented.
- Note about existing configurations that use A590 XT support: drive type (SCSI ID/XT) must be reset.
- GUI default windowed mode window size (when it runs for the first time and size information is not yet stored in registry/ini) is now adjusted for high DPI screen. (Windows 8.1+ only). Previously default size was far too small on high DPI displays.
- Added "I am Windows 10 compatible" manifest entry, winuaebootlog.txt now shows correct Windows 10 version information.
- Cleaned up pfield_do_linetoscr() mess.
- Added support for AGA subpixel bitplane delays (lores pixel can horizontally scroll 4 shres or 2 hires pixels or hires pixel 2 shres pixels). Limit: only works if both odd and even planes have same subpixel scroll value (which probably is true practically in all situations)
- b1 sprite right border corner case broke SSCAN2 sprite horizontal duplication.
- x86 bridgeboard emulation! A1060 Sidecar, A2088 and A2088T currently implemented.

x86 bridgeboard information:
- Currently uses fake86 CPU core + PC support chip emulation. Selected because it was very easy to integrate. Possible future A2286+ emulation needs different CPU core.
- All jumpers emulated. (Required redesign of expansion GUI extra config)
- Amiga floppy drive DF2: and DF3: can be re-configured as bridgeboard PC drives A: and B:.
- Only 360k and 720k standard dos disk images supported.
- A2088T 360k/720k compatible drive supported. Floppy switch not implemented.
- A1060 and A2088 apparently only have 360k drive and BIOS support.
- BIOS ROM required. Searching for "A2088 BIOS" or similar should work... No BIOS ROMs
added to rom scanner.
- Not much real testing done. Boots from dos boot floppy, drive formatting and reading/writing works.
- x86 CPU speed is currently very randomly chosen speed.

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