The story of the Commodore 64 in pixels gets a new game pledge!

So far we have featured both the announcement of Chris Wilkins 'The story of the Commodore 64 in Pixels' book Kickstarter and the extra pledge of a brand new game of 'Barnsley Badger' by Trevor Story and Georg Rottensteiner. But with the Kickstarter continuing to be a success, we have now been informed by Chris, that it has just got even better with a further announcement of a more feature packed game titled 'Tiger Claw' by  RGCD.

According to Chris Wilkins although this fantastic game came #2 in RGCD's 2014 competition, this exclusive Kickstarter cartridge for anyone pledging £70, will have many of the minor issues fixed such as a larger revised game map, revised controls and physics, selectable difficulty, a loading screen and additional music missing from the 16KB version with a hidden additional game.

Thus if you pledge £70 or more you will have your very own numbered cartridge with your name on it in a lovely presentation box with a manual and an A3 double sided poster/game map.

So come on retro gamers, lets do some more backing!
Kickstarter Page

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