MEGATRON - Tron speeds on to your C64!

You may be wondering what happened to us yesterday, well sufficed to say I was upgrading to Windows 10 and at first it didn't go to plan, if only it was easy as playing an Amstrad, C64 or ZX Spectrum game, no operating systems to install and worry about. So lets mention a C64 game then, 'MEGATRON', released by Technische Maschinenfabrik and cracked by Genesis Project; a game that is every bit like the original Tron, just not as snazzy looking!

In this enjoyable release you control a square ( A bike ) which is able to traverse around the screen while making a barrier behind you, a bit like snake. The objective? Not to touch your own barrier and to take out the opponent by trapping him, who is also trying to do the same to you. Throughout each level it becomes ever more difficult as you also have to deal with walls, that will also get in your way.

So think fast, speed up and don't get trapped!

This release features a training option, single screen view in full size, arcade mode with 12 different levels, tournament mode with 288 game variants, 126 room combinations, and 1 - 2 players!

Give it a try today, it's a lot of fun and has a cool cracktro by Genesis Project

Links :

1) Original Source
2) Original Download
3) Cracked Source
2) Cracked Download

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