Roland of Sherwood - Carnivac's Amstrad CPC styled game gets an update!

You may remember our recent feature of Carnivac's most impressive looking Amstrad CPC styled platformer game of 'Roland of Sherword' which is still in development. But we've just been given the update of a new screenshot which looks rather nice to say the least. The developer has also noted since our most recent article, that he only started it not long ago but it's a relatively simple game with almost all of the main code and 75% of level graphics are done, so technically it's already the most complete of his CPC projects.

Carnivac has also mentioned in the Amstrad CPC 464 group that he is planning to release his CPC-style projects as resource packs for actual CPC coders to create true CPC-coded versions to run on the real hardware. So at last the Amstrad CPC may finally be able to show off what the hardware can really do against the C64 and ZX!

Follow the development below and also look forward to his other game Cosmic Commando.


1) Discussion

( Developer update as of today 20:25 PM )

This one is actually not going to take much longer to do.  I'm mainly doing the level layouts now that the majority of code and graphics are done (tilework is done as far needed right now.  Castle, Forest, Caves.  There may be a few more small tiles needed to be created as I design the screens but not much).  Am trying to come up with some tricky platforming screens where the crystals are a bit of a pain to get and also some secret areas.   

The cave on that new screenshot shows you that while there is a crystal in there, you can only access that cave from below, but the trick is finding the way in.  There's also a couple of small character based events too in certain places during the game.   Anyways when it's nearing completion I'm gonna message McKlain to let him know what I'd like (he already agreed to do the music :) )  Then I'll release the game, and a few weeks later I'll put the resource pack together and release that here so that any CPC coder can take it and produce a true CPC version.  It's not a big game so a 64k cassette version wouldn't be much of a problem and not require multi-load and then it could be put onto C4CPC for GX4000 owners to play with that instant cartridge loading.

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