Tiberian Sun Client - Full RTS standalone package gets an update

One of our readers by the name of Ant, has informed the Bluesnews community of a brand new Tiberian Sun Client release version 3.59, which doesn't just have the full Tiberian Sun and Firestorm campaigns included, but is now based on the client technology from The Dawn of the Tiberium Age (link) and Twisted Insurrection (link), with modding support and much more! As such you too can play the mighty Westwood RTS games in high detail completely free through an easy to use launcher. What's more, this is for both single player and modders, and fixes all the known bugs in Tiberian Sun while offering lots more functionality never before seen in the originals.

  • Full Tiberian Sun and Firestorm campaigns included, with optionally downloadable movies (about 1.3 GB in size)
  • Skirmish support with pre-defined starting locations and teams
  • Dynamic map preview showing starting locations and teams on the map
  • Full CnCNet multiplayer support, including automatic transfer of custom maps, passworded games and private messages*
  • Support for spectators
  • Allows modding similar to The Dawn of the Tiberium Age and Twisted Insurrection
  • All TS INI bugs fixed - includes fixes from Aro's Tiberian Sun: UMP
  • Compatibility with the latest operating systems, including Windows 7, 8.1 and 10
  • Saves statistics from all games of your commander career
  • Automatic updates (you can opt out) for delivery of bugfixes and possible additional content like multiplayer maps
  • FinalSun Map Editor included
  • Extra game options including Build Off Ally, Harder AI, Disabled Super Weapons and Disabled Refinery/Silo Storage
  • Includes some of the best and most beautiful multiplayer maps created for TS by the community (selectable in the "Fan-made" gamemode)
  • Supports viewing and joining DTA and TI (and soon YR) games at CnCNet

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