WinUAE 3.2.0 beta 7 - Late evening Amiga emulator update

Ignore the blurry eyed postings and ramblings of a tired man, but I've just been poked during my snoozing hours to mention the latest release of WinUAE 3.2.0 beta 7, which is another Amiga beta update from the developer Toni Wilen. As per usual this version contains even more bug fixes and improvements, one being '68030 prefetch/ce mode now also uses improved prefetch pipeline emulation' and the other 'Cirrus Logic out of bounds VRAM access check improved'. But as is always the case make sure to read the change log below for the full list!

Beta 7:

- 68030 prefetch/ce mode now also uses improved prefetch pipeline emulation.
- b4 prefetch RTS (and others) special case does not exist, my original test must have been broken.
- GUI won't anymore allow multiple sound or network cards enabled at the same. (It has never been supported configuration)
- Cirrus Logic out of bounds VRAM access check improved.
- Picasso IV ROM loader update didn't support all old ROM paths (b6)
- SCSI Unit Attention (bus reset/media change) status handling should be now exactly as described in SCSI spec. (Roctec Rochard v2 boot ROM)
- A1060 Diagnostics and 8087 jumper was inverted.
- Continuing WD SCSI transfer with another Select and Transfer when previous SaT had already transferred all buffered data: new SaT restarted from beginning. (A590/A2091 omniscsi.device + cdfs)
- Config file loaded with non-existing *_rom_file_id: rom key file ("rom" with ID=0) was selected.
- M-Tec E-Matrix 530 accelerator board added (Thanks to Jozsef Vamosi)

Rochard RH800C with v2 boot ROM:
- Supports both SCSI and IDE. v1 is IDE only.
- Has crazy "Is drive ready?" polling routine, driver executes 300 (!) TEST UNIT READY commands in CPU loop per LUN (timer.device exists for a reason..), with single SCSI drive, driver executes total 6*300=1800 TUR commands during drive detection! (I recommend not to enable scsi logging..)
- ROM not yet added.

M-Tec E-Matrix 530:
- ROM image is software dumped (chip is not socketed), ROM layout (single chip contains two logical autoconfig boot ROMs) may not match real ROM dump.
- 53C94 based SCSI. Fake DMA, 2*long word wide data port. Whole transfer loop runs in level 2 interrupt routine..
- Boot ROM requires KS2.0+ only because it calls CacheControl() without checking ROM version.

And on that note, see you in the morning retro gamers!

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