Mutant League Hockey [AGA] - Unreleased Amiga game sees light of day thanks to Scoopex! [UPDATE]

After days of waiting and much anticipation we are here to mention one of the finest Scoopex releases we've seen for some time. This is ' Mutant League Hockey ', an ice hockey game with a difference that was actually released for the Sega Genesis in 1994 by Ocean but was never released on the Amiga, as it was canned (at least until today!). That's right Scoopex have gone all out for Amiga gamers, with the original supply by Getafix/CMAP and cracked by none other than Galahad, you too can finally play this incredibly fun game on your Amiga. One that should've appeared all those years ago!

Think of this game as Speedball meets Fantasy as everything about it is both brutal and completely unrealistic! Can you imagine someone throwing a whip, bat or even chainsaws onto the rink? Well that's exactly what happens in Mutant League Hockey, plus you have to deal with being knocked out by the other side or falling into a deep hole that randomly appears on the Ice Rink! As is probably apparent by now this is quite a violent game. But you will be hooked, more so than any game you've probably played this year on a retro system! I myself struggled to write this article, because I couldn't put the game down, I was smacking the puck back and forth, hitting opponents and doing more damage to everyone else than actually scoring goals!

For Scoopex to release a game such as this and one that we thought would never appear, they have excelled themselves beyond all doubt. I could go on and on about this game and how much fun it is, and everything else you can do, such as different modes, but I really don't want to spoil it. I want you to load it up, listen to the cracktro and enjoy the game as it was meant to be enjoyed by a first time player.

So grab it today and if you want to know how to install it to a hard drive, make sure to read the included readme file! - Thanks Scoopex for the chance to play this game, we owe you one :)

Links :

1) Download ( Select the option ' Download through your Browser '
2) Download Mirror provided by Scoopex
2) Scoopex Website
3) Discussion

Update : An Amiga CD32 version is also available thanks to Earok!

1) Download

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