Nuclear Nick Preview - C64 platformer rescued and released

This week has just ended on a grand note as now on the last day, we've just received notice from the friends of Triad, of their C64 preview release of ' Nuclear Nick '; a platformer published by Electric Dreams in 1985 and originally released to the public on 150904. In this game you must collect all of the neutrons to get to the next level, while also avoiding robot style enemies!

Currently in a preview state, so bugs, improvements and music to be added/fixed. Nuclear Nick is actually an enjoyable game even at this early stage. In this release you start at a pre-determined location and must jump from each platform to collect items and neutrons before moving onto the next level. What only lets the game down isn't actually the enemies, but it's how easy you can die from a very small floor or jump! For example you might be able to drop 3 foot slowly, but any further than that and it's an instant death ( Notice the green man?, that's a huge fall! ).

But apart from that, it's a cool game and I can't wait till it's complete. So if you want to have a play of this early preview and have a C64 or using an emulator, use the download link below.

Links : 1) Source 2 ) download 3) Website

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