Donkey Kong Jr - Atari 8-bit Arcade HACK released!

Welcome to Donkey Kong Junior, originally released in 1982 for Arcades and later released for home systems such as the Atari 2600, Atari 7800, Atari 8-bit , ColecoVision, Coleco Adam, Intellivision, NES and BBC Micro, with a C64 overhauled version released by Mr Sid at the end of last year (link). In this game you play as Donkey Kong Junior and must rescue your father Donkey Kong who has been imprisoned by Mario in his only appearance as an antagonist in a video game. A sequel to the hit classic, you can now play this fantastic Atari 8-bit hack by darryl1970 which brings back the original Arcade design such as the bricks and improves the controls.

Do note however this is not the final version and the creator has told the community that tweaks will still need to be made and does need your feedback. Also, this version uses character tiles for all enemies with Donkey Kong Jr being the only sprite on the the screen, so there is no way to keep the enemies, fruits, etc from temporarily overwriting the screen slot.

So let us know what you think, is this a worthy hack to the Donkey Kong Jr name? As so far the feedback is pretty positive!

Links : 1) Discussion (Download in post) 2) Emulator

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