RGDS Podcast Presents - An Adamski Killer Remix by Aaron White (Amiga)

It's that time again when we mention another Aaron White remix presented by RGDS Podcast! Unlike the previous C64 to Amiga converted tunes and the Christmas album, he's gone back to his upbeat youth with even more Dance remixed samples from tunes that were played non stop on the radio way back in the 90's. This remix however is such a brilliant tune even I remember listening to it in my Mum's XR3i. It's none other than the number 1 smash killer from 1990 by Adamski, featuring Seal on Vocals. It's such a trip down memory lane, Aaron has filled the disk to the brim with samples coming in at over 4 mins long.... Oh and make sure to listen to the vocals, as they sound top!

Links : 1) Download 2) Aaron White 3) RGDS

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