Dead Knight - An early WIP dark free Roguelike with lovely pixel art

I think we have found possibly the nicest looking game this week that's currently available to play as an early test version via Welcome to ' Dead Knight ' by Backterria; a roguelike platformer that's both dark and very creepy with lovely pixel art. In this game your wife has just killed you and the only way to get revenge on that evil woman, is by climbing up to the surface and showing her what she did was a seriously bad idea.

Currently available with only 1 level and having a useless elevator, already we can see this game is going to be very popular when it actually reaches a finish-able state. Not only are the graphics very appealing, albeit dark and menacing, but I really do like the idea of running about slashing enemies with my sword and possibly using their heads as a way to reach new areas. For example at one point I slashed at a bat and used it's skeleton head to fly to a new platform. It's just a shame that the game is so early in development, but the dev has mentioned in future it will have random generated loot, many upgrades, a magic staff, lots of traps, multiple endings, 6 level types, secret floors, big bosses and much much more.

Links : 1) Source ( The game is available for free, but as a name your own price it might be worth donating to help development )

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