E-Type - BBC Micro racer conversion for the Atari 8bit!

Searching through the atariage 8bit forums for more games to play, as we took some time off over the Christmas period, we came across a rather interesting racing game that might be worth a play via an emulator or even an original Atari 8bit system. This is E-Type ( no not R-Type ) by Fandal, a full BBC Micro to Atari 8bit conversion of Gordon J. Key and published by The Forum Dimension game, that was classed as a clone to Sega's arcade driving game of Out Run, which featured a blue Jag instead of a Ferrari.

Unlike most racing games, whereby being the fastest is of top priority, in E-Type you aim to collect police men to extend time and avoid collisions to get miles & points! But is this conversion any good? Well YES! Especially as one user puts it  it's got impressive speed for a conversion especially considering the original is a 2 MHz machine without cycle-steals which puts you behind the 8-ball to begin with. So download it now, I think this could possibly be one of the best racers on the Atari 8bit, what a fantastic Christmas present!

Requires 128k/130XE. Please note: START starts a 3rd person view game, SELECT a 1st person one

Links : 1) Discussion 2) Website(Download)

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