Golden Axe Mod - Original Hack 'n slash Beat 'em up modified for the ZX Spectrum

In 1989 Sega released the incredible side scrolling, beat 'em up, hack and slash fighter for the Arcades and for the Mega Drive/Genesis. It involved lots of weapon swiping against enemies and big bosses, riding mythical beasts, different levels, picking up potions, calling forth great power and giving the player the choice of a multitude of different characters. It just had to be the amazing ' Golden Axe ' which was also ported to other home systems such as  DOS, Amiga, Atari ST, Amstrad, C64 and ZX Spectrum, In fact it's the ZX Spectrum version we are talking about today, as a creator by the name of Ralf has decided the Amstrad conversion was not good enough and changed much of the colours and detail to what he felt should've been released!

Original Left / Modified Right

Not only has Ralf changed the UI and enemy colour as can be seen by a filling of colours rather than just part coloured, but some of the backgrounds have been changed and there is a version of the map between the levels recycled, as he felt the original was too hard. Other such changes include some enemies energy has decreased in numbers since again he felt they were too strong. ( please note this is a translation from russian )

Now I've never actually played the ZX Spectrum version so I can't really say which version I prefer game play wise, but I do like the changes in the colour and it does look more befitting to a ZX Spectrum. But you'll be pleased to know you can download the file below!

Links : 1) Discussion (RU) 2) Download

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