Saboteur Online - Play the original classic online remade by Clive Townsend!

Somebody hold me as I'm in complete shock, as Clive Townsend, the original developer behind that hit game ' Saboteur ' which was published by Durell Software in 1984 for many 8-bit systems, has created an enhanced ZX Spectrum version of the hit classic, with an extended map, gameplay, graphics, and plot that already adds to an incredible game, but all completely playable online!

In this game you play as a Ninja, tasked with getting into a warehouse to steal a disk which has the names of rebel leaders on it. You must make your way through many different rooms, attacking enemies or avoiding them while also being careful not to fall. If you can do that, find the disk and escape you've won the game, but keep an eye on your energy and time, or it's game over! With the full edition however, payable for only £3.99, you can find out what happened to the ninja after the story in the original 8-bit Saboteur!

If you are worried about spending that extra cash, the developer has provided a free online demo which has a time limit and you can't upload your scores or best times, and you can't save your checkpoints to the Saboteur Server. Furthermore you may be able to complete the original 8-bit game on the easier levels - but that's only a small part of the full Saboteur story away from the full version

So is it worth your dosh? Damn right it is! This could be the ultimate version of Saboteur, and with your help may pave the way for a Kickstarter project to raise some money towards development of new games such as Saboteur 3!

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