Vectrex - XMAS CART 2015 is now available for order

" Ho Ho Ho ", yes it's that time of year again when all those Christmas games come out for both young and old to have a jolly good time. Today's mention is our very first Vectrex article with the announcement for Binary Star Software's ' XMAS CART 2015 ', which is now available for order priced between £23 and £35. Coming in two different versions such as the regular edition with lovely Santa design, you can also order the limited edition, which differs from the regular edition by including a small LED Christmas tree attached to the cartridge which flashes in response to game events.  These cartridges will be awarded to 5 customers (order numbers will be randomly selected by computer).

Included in this cart is two lovely games to really get you in that festive mood. The first game ' Parcel Panic ' you play as one of Santa Claus’ helpers, using your grabbing arm to pick presents off the assembly line conveyor belts. Just make sure to grab the presents and not the bad stuff or Santa might get a little bit grumpy with you. As for the second game “Space Tree X” : A fun shoot-em up in the style of Atari’s Asteroids, which really suits being on the Vectrex system!

So whatever you are doing for Christmas, make sure to check out this lovely little Xmas Vectrex gem

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